Native to Wilmington, the textures and colors of the coast have created the backdrop of Morgan’s world. She draws her love of these and other worldly elements from her passion of traveling, fashioning her palettes for each project. With over 7 years of experience in the business and a solid design degree, her skills include a depth of knowledge that will help you achieve optimum results. When she’s not in her studio, Morgan spends her time exploring our coastal habitat, enjoying family, and collecting continuous inspiration from her son, River.

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Stacey is passionate about helping you create your dream home. She considers all aspects when designing a space – your specific needs, pets if they are a part of your family, and how spaces will be used daily. Every project is completed with this client-focused approach. Stacey’s experience encompasses both contemporary and traditional design and everything in between. When she’s not designing you can find Stacey hanging out on the beach with her husband, enjoying this fabulous place we call home.
Stacey has a degree in interior design, and she also taught interior design for several years at a local college. Stacey participated in the Bellamy Mansion Art of the Table Event and The Arts Council of Wilmington Designer Showhouse.


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Morgan and Stacey participated in the Habitat for Humanity Upscale Resale Designer’s Challenge and both won awards for their designs including the People’s Choice Award.



"Commercial design is always a tight-rope walk between pleasing the public and maintaining brand standards. Morgan's ability to not only walk this rope, but to do so with incredible attention to detail and enthusiasm was a breath of fresh air. Not afraid to think out of the box, Morgan's inspiration for a final product and delivery of that final product was nothing short of stellar." 
-Jonathon Weathington

“Stacey is a designer to be treasured. When we completely gutted our beach house and rebuilt it, Stacey was my rock!”  Katrina M.